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  • For more information on train location please click on displayed result.
  • For option "All trains" only trains located on the network of ŽSR which have yet not reached final station are displayed.
  • V prípade, že chcete využiť službu „Meškanie vlaku cez SMS“ viď text pod zobrazenými informáciami o pohybe vlaku
Information about on-line train location and delays of passenger trains are intended solely for personal purposes. Any automatic downloading, or other data processing aimed at its provision to third parties shall be possible only with a written consent of Železnice Slovenskej republiky, Bratislava.

In addition we offer an option to locate your train "Where is your tain" by sending a SMS.

Simply send a SMS with text MES Train No. (e.g. MES 503) to 7036 and you will get information on train location by paid SMS service. Price for one delivery SMS is 0,10 € including VAT.

Information is available only after train leaves its departure station.
Delay time may change between the stations.
All information is provided without warranty.

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